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The Oklahoma Falconer’s Association 2010 annual meet was my first falconry event, and I can’t think of a better first group experience.  Arriving with enthusiasm (right after a rain) on altThursday evening at Pam and Dave Stephens’ house in hopes of trapping my first bird, a passage female red-tail, I soon found that the birds were fat and wet… not one willing to fly down to the trap.  That night I went to bed, although I got little sleep in anticipation of trapping a bird.  I did successfully trap a 44 oz. Rufus inter-morph female red-tail the following morning.  I had begun my journey and walked into the door of falconry.  I wasn’t the only one to trap my first bird and was happy to see my elation shared by others.


The meet was held at the perfect place: rolling plains in the Panhandle at Dave and Pam Stephen’s house.  Anyone who has ever been to the Stephens’ house knows that it is a falconer’s heaven.  altPerches, scales, and falconry equipment everywhere… not to mention the amazing birds around.  Their house is beautiful and I am thankful for them so graciously opening up their home for us to stay in. 


The weekend was filled with trapping, hawking, and stories, as well as great friends new and old.  I got to see my first cast of Harris hawks fly and catch game successfully.   An abundance of bunnies, jacks, and pheasant were available for the hawking.  Falconers also brought their birds of the season including red-tails, goshawks, and various falcons along with Dave’s eagles, all magnificent birds to see flown.   There is no better way to be submerged in falconry than to attend meets and I encourage everyone to do so.  I can say with enthusiasm that I will be back next year for more stories, trapping, hawking, and friends.  


-Kelly Smith

Photos by Krys Langevin 


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