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The falconry season is finally here!  The heat is fading, trees are changing colors, the moult is drawing to a close, and the OFA fall meet was held this past weekend.  Being that I am a first year apprentice and new to falconry meets, it would be the understatement of the century to say I was just excited!  The Oklahoma Falconers’ Association decided to hold their annual fall field meet in Woodward this year with the goal of scouting some of the fields we will be flying at the NAFA meet and hopefully catch some game while we’re at it!

Friday morning found Woodward, Oklahoma being taken over by falconers from all corners of the state.  The meet also happened to coincide with Woodward’s fall outdoor expo, Fall-A-Days, where OFA member, Greg Stipp, set up a booth to advertise the upcoming NAFA meet to the local community.  As the day progressed more falconer friends showed up, and the energy level began to rise.  After a little time spent talking about falconry with the locals of Woodward, it was time to hit the fields!

The lovely Heather Clement had the honor of flying first at the meet with her intermewed Red-tailed Hawk, Dharr.  Though no rabbits where nabbed during that session, some nice flights where seen and the bunnies were scared enough to go into deep hiding by the time it was my turn to fly. After watching several of the other birds, the sun set on a great first day and we headed back to the Northwest Inn, which just so happens to be the headquarters for the NAFA Meet.  That evening many stories where shared, good times where had, and laughter, along with a few imprint sharpie screams, where heard till the wee hours of the night.

Morning found some of us moving a little slow, but after a few cups of coffee, and a bite to eat, it was off to do a little car hawking with Ryan Christensen’s imprint Kestrel.  Following a good showing from him, it was time to go scouting several more fields. So we next headed out to some spots around the lake. There Kent Carbaugh flew his older Harris hawk while we waited to meet up with other Okie hawkers who had just arrived that morning.

The group then decided to split up and I headed out with Rob Rainey, Mitch Wishon, and his new apprentice, Jake, to watch them fly their Goshawks, while the rest of the crew headed to another spot.  Some INCREDIBLE flights where seen by both groups and we all had stories to tell when we converged back together later that morning. After lunch we headed to a spot that was lovingly dubbed "the honey hole" and got the birds out to chase some bunnies and Jacks.  The rabbits here where thick like flies, which resulted in Dee Dee, my Red-tailed Hawk and first falconry bird, scoring her third rabbit of the season!

All the birds put on a good show for us and we headed back to the hotel in high spirits.  That evening a lure was made, a sharpie got a new perch, and a lot more laughs and stories soon followed.  Sunday morning found us back at "the honey hole" where we kicked off the morning with a few creance flights from Chris Kimble's new hawk before we started flying the other birds.  It was about this time the wind picked up a bit, but we still managed to kick up plenty of game that got pursued relentlessly throughout the morning.  After another car hawking session and a few more flights with the Goshawks it was time for my first falconry meet to come to a close.  Much more occurred at the meet that I did not have the pleasure of experiencing first hand, but I know for a fact a lot of pleased falconers headed out of Woodward that afternoon.  Quail, pheasants, rabbits, jacks, ducks…Woodward delivered!  Start your count down.....the NAFA meet is just around the corner!!!!!

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