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Jonathan A Coleman

How long have you been an OFA member?

Since 2008

Where do you live?


Job or School?

14yrs @ Bios corp Sapulpa/Tulsa area assisting people with Developmental Disabilities as a Program Mgr. assisting them in residential & vocational training to enhance their lives.


widower, 2 sons, Jonathan II & Jamil (adults @ least one of them is trying to be)

What got you interested in falconry?

I've always liked hawks & once witnessed a hawk catch a rabbit when I was hunting with my dad & brother. I told dad he needed to get one after the hawk caught one in a spot we had just walked through. Dad told me I was crazy & laughed.

Who was your sponsor? (or mentors and influences?)

Larry Duncan Jr. is my sponsor. Ryan VanZant, Dr. Steve Sherrod, writings by Frank Beebe, Bill Oaks, Liam McGranahan, Greg Thomas, Nick Fox, Mike McDermott, & Daryl Perkins--- Also Kent Carbaugh for taking me hawking and helping me to find game in the beginning.

What birds do you currently fly?

Passage Female Red Tail trapped while hanging with Chris Kimble & the rest of “The Elitist Crew!” (joking, lol)

What birds have you flown in the past?

Zip until becoming an Apprentice. With my first bird, Anu, I transcended from a bird keeper into a falconer when he caught that first rabbit!

What birds do you plan to fly or would like to fly?

Praire & other falcons, Coop, Gos & maybe a Harris

Favorite Quarry?

So far Rabbits, with their zigzags & quick turns

Do you have other animals?

I inherited 2 white Staffordshire/American Bulldogs & their mother a Staffordshire Terrier when my aunt passed

Favorite falconry story?

On the last day of January 2009, Daniel, my hawking buddy, & I decided we we're going to Bartlesville to go hawking with Kent. On the way up, Shang (Red-Tailed Hawk) is making thuds in the giant hood, to which we both say, “she seems anxious.” Daniel then suggested, “you ought to go for a double today!” Which would be nice, but she's never got a double before.  We soon meet up with Kent Ryan & Scott at the “rabbitat” field which is coverd in 10 inches snow on this particular day. Kent's Harris’ is up first we walk through the snow seeing tracks but no bunnies at first. It doesn’t take long though before one flushes and it quickly grabbed up by the hawk near Ryan’s feet. It's that birds first Rabbit! So the day was off to a good start.

Next we get Shang out of her giant hood and head toward the other side of the creek. Just minutes in Daniel spots a rabbit as it runs between me & him. Shang comes out of the tree & nails it. I said, “we got through quick today,” but Ryan & Scott were quick to re-suggest, “you ought to go for a double.”  After a quick lesson on how to trade her off. Shang takes a another perch and we don’t even walk another 10 yards before Daniel yells, “HOHOHO, She got it!” Another quick catch so I suggest, “Let's go for #3!” After another trade off she goes back into a tree and we walk maybe 50-60 yards further up the creek. She's still sitting in the tree not following so I called her to the fist. As she is flying toward me she pulls up and immediately turns into a wing over, crashing to the ground. She got another one! ALLRIGHT !!! “Let's go for #4” all the other rabbits had been caught in less than 20min!

After starting the search to flush the fourth, it seems like it's taking forever to see a rabbit and the snow is up to my knees! Ryan & I walked through some briars we've normally kicked bunnies from (this bag is getting HEAVY man)pretty quick. Daniel kept saying, “you've got to be kidding, no rabbits in this?” He kept at it, hitting the brush with Shang behind by a couple of Telephoe poles. Finally something moved. The hawk came pumping over the briar as the rabbit came out, started to commit, then changed its mind and went back to the cover. But it was too late Shang had already locked and had rabbit number 4 before it even knew what hit ‘em. The thought of going for #5 was there, but the bag was heavy, and my legs were getting weak, and it was almost a mile to get to the truck in 10 or more inches of snow. So I decided to call it a day. I was amazed that instead of getting her first double she got a quad, and to make it even better it was witnessed by my friends! She's a good bird.

Favorite quote?

"Falconry IS a preparation & training for life” - Nick Fox

What is the best tip that you would give someone new to the sport?

I would say know that falconry is hunting with a trained hawk. If you’re not prepared to hunt, that is assist your bird in finding/ killing game, or if you only want to go when the weather is nice (I hate cold weather & anyone that knows me KNOWS this!,BUT I love the way my bird hunts when it's cold .) or go out once a week your doing the bird & yourself a disservice.  A wise falconer told me that the bird should be flown at least 5-6 days week, a hour or more a day. The more it flies the more fit it will be both physically & mentally.  It also works the same way with the falconer in my opinion, so I now have to get fit to keep up with my bird.

Who have you sponsored?

No one yet, but when I do I want my Apprentice to say, "Man he taught me a lot & he’s still learning himself!!

What goals do you have for your falconry experience?

To be able to train a bird in 10 or less days (weather permitting) with no aggression & be able fly it free at game within that timeframe.

Contact Info you want public?

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Social Networks?


Anything Else?

My Falconry journey started 3yrs. ago @ the age of 52 I wish it could've started when I saw that hawk catch the rabbit when I was 13yrs old, but in the social setting I'm from hunting with hawks was thought of as WEIRD. I wish my Dad was alive to see & know that My Red Tail Hawk, Shang, has caught 45 rabbits & 2 squirrels without any buckshot in them this hunting season. And I also would like to thank God for allowing me to meet the Falconer's who were kind enough to let me hang with them & learn falconry!


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