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It’s been seven years since we last caught up with Jonathan Coleman.  Let’s see how he is doing!

What’s new with you and the family?

I have a five year old grandson who's interested in what his Dedah does (falconry), and a two year old granddaughter who's beautiful.  Due to the cuts in education funding, I am no longer working for OU/Sutton Avian Research Center, and have re-entered the Developmental Disabilities Field.

Have you held any OFA board positions since we last spoke?

I was president elect for the last couple of years, and am now the current President of the club.

Have you sponsored anyone new recently?

I currently have two apprentices.  Rita White, and Stacie Stoneman/Price.

What bird(s) have you flown between then and now?

I've flown and hunted with a Harlan's red tail, a Kestrel, two male coopers hawks, and several western red tails.

Which one did you enjoy hawking the most, and why?

I've had fun with all of the hawks that I've been blessed to do falconry with.

We learn something new from every raptor we fly…what insight have you learned recently, that has impacted the way you practice your falconry the most?

Pay close attention to your bird's behavior.

What is the most recent falconry book/article you have read?

Articles by Jerry Liguori on Harlan's hawks and Oklahoma's own Jim Lish's book Winters Hawk, which deals with red tails.  I've also been re-reading North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks by Frank Bebee & Hal Webster.  It is a great introductory book of falconry as done in the United States, and it gets updated to what is happening in falconry by various falconers on the birds we use here in the Americas.

If someone could only read a single book about falconry, which one would you recommend they pick up and why?

Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox has a lot of information on anatomy, behavior, and illness/treatments for raptors.  Pick all you can find and borrow though.  You'll learn something new about falconry, if it's a falconry book.

What bird(s) are you currently flying?

Two times intermewed Harlan's red tailed hawk.

Who have you been out hawking with the most lately?

Basically, it's just been my bird and I, as it is most of the time due to work hours.

Have you been on any hunting trips recently?  Where did you go, and what were you chasing with your bird(s)?

My trips abroad for hawking havn't been as I (or others) would like them to be.  I'm on a budget!!!

Last time you had some good tips for someone new to the sport.  Do you have any new advice that you feel people entering the sport would benefit from hearing?

Go out in the field with as many different people as you can, so that you can see if falconry is for YOU!

Anything else?

I'll go on record and say this...falconry is HUNTING with a trained raptor.  If you want a pet hawk, falcon, or owl, or if hunting and seeing the blood of that cute bunny or bird your raptor catches bothers you....then falconry might not be for you.


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