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It’s been seven years since we last caught up with Chris Kimble.  Let’s see how he is doing!

What’s new with you and the family?

Well, the last time we did this I was single! Im now married to my lovely wife Jessica, who is also now a falconer. And we have two children, Ally and Wesley, ages 9 and 4.

Have you held any OFA board positions since we last spoke?

Treasurer and currently Vice President

Have you sponsored anyone new recently?

Jerrel Collins, Barry Bond, Shane Bullard, and Jessica Kimble

What bird(s) have you flown between then and now?

A few redtails and a passage male Harris Hawk.

Which one did you enjoy hawking the most, and why?

My passage harris, Sylar. I like him the most because I put the most effort into him.

Favorite hawking story involving that bird?

Probably the time that I was hawking with Mitch Wishon, Rob Rainey, and Shane Bullard, and we flushed a cottontail while Sylar was on the T perch. It was pretty cold that day and Sylar was getting tired, but he put in a half hearted attempt and ended up sitting on the ground empty footed. But the cottontail ran right back to us where it paused, surprised by the crowd! We ended up flushing it right back toward Sylar who caught it as it ran by him while he was sitting on the ground! I had seen this almost happen many times with other birds, but it was the first time I’d seen one actually caught by a bird on the ground.

We learn something new from every raptor we fly…what insight have you learned recently, that has impacted the way you practice your falconry the most?

If you want something new or something more out of your bird, you have to be willing to push yourself first. To truly get the most out of your falconry, takes complete dedication and sacrifice. I guess that’s why we call it a lifestyle, but the results are worth it!

What is the most recent falconry book/article you have read?

I’ve been re-reading The Harris's Hawk Revolution lately, in preparation for trapping a female harris in Texas soon.

If someone could only read a single book about falconry, which one would you recommend they pick up and why?

To be honest, I’d pick up a good avian medical book. I don’t know any off hand because I don’t own any, but I wish I did! The harris hawk revolution actually has some pretty good medical resources in it, FYI.

What bird(s) are you currently flying?

My 2014 passage male harris, but hes still molting.

Favorite hunting story involving you and one of your current birds?

Aside from the one outlined above, Id say it was his first kill. It was not glorious by any standards or even worth describing, but it was special to me because he was a bird I had wanted for many years, and I worked hard to try and make him into a game hawk that I would love hunting with for many years. That first kill was a big milestone for us!

Who have you been out hawking with the most lately?

My wife! Its been nothing short of hot, lol. That’s what happens when you trap a bird in August I suppose.

Tell your favorite story involving that person, and one of the birds they were flying?

Watching her fly her bird free in the field for the first time. It’s a big deal for an apprentice to make that first leap of faith, and its even more special when all goes as planned. I really enjoyed seeing her efforts pay off.

Have you been on any hunting trips recently?  Where did you go, and what were you chasing with your bird(s)?

Made a trip to the panhandle to enter Jess’s bird, and chase bunnies with the terriers. It was fun, but the bird and dog are still green!

Have you been attending any of the OFA functions or meets?  If so, which one did you enjoy the most?  Do you have any good stories from it?

Really enjoyed the Kestrel Box Workshop! But the Trapping Workshop and Picnic were both a great time as well!

Last time you had some good tips for someone new to the sport.  Do you have any new advice that you feel people entering the sport would benefit from hearing?

Stay off facebook! Or at least take what you find there with a grain of salt. Theres a falconry group for everything falconry related and 3 or 4 for certain topics, and to be completely frank, without some experience its hard to tell what to take seriously! I’ve seen a lot of bad ideas shared on social media. My advice would be to get involved with OFA and NAFA, find a good sponsor and follow their lead! Don’t seek advice from people in public forums.

Last time you listed out some good goals for your falconry experience?  Do you have any new ones?

Im planning to trap another passage harris this year. My goal is to fly a male/female cast. The challenge will be getting my current male to accept her, and also to make her into a game hawk at least half as good as him.

Contact info you want public?

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Social Networks?

Linkedin, facebook

Anything else?

Have fun, be safe, and represent the whole!


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