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Phil Salvati

How long have you been an OFA member?

Four Years

Have you ever held a position in OFA?

Not an official position.  My wife and I set up the 2017 Club Picnic in Perry.  I am also serving as the apprentice Coordinator for the eastern portion of the state.

Where do you live?

Perry, OK

Job or School?

Gayla and I own and operate a graphics design business.  We design logos, screen print, embroider, make custom clothes, laser engrave, etc, etc.  Just about anything to brand your business or outing!


I am a "damn yankee" from the Republic of New York.  My siblings and family are scattered along the east coast.  I've called Oklahoma my home for the last twelve years.  My in-laws are pretty much concentrated in Noble County.

What got you interested in falconry?

I've been interested in birds of prey since childhood when my father brought home a wounded red-tailed hawk.  It went to out veterinarian and never learned of her outcome.  Later in years, while working on set of an opera in NYC, I met a falconer whose bird was one of the starts!  I quizzed him for days...learning about what it takes to start my journey.  Keeping a career in show business working 80+ hours a week and falconry just didn't mix.  Now, after making our business a success, I am afforded the time for the better things in life...

Who was your sponsor? (or mentors and influences?)

My sponsor will always be Tim Jessell.  As far as influences...just about everyone who has offered advice, took me hawking, or was willing to lend a hand....Mitch Wishon, Rob Rainey, Daniel Murray, Chris Kimble, and Jerel Collins...this club is what it is because of members like you!

What bird(s) do you currently fly?

My wife Gayla and I do just about everything together.  We have two Harris' hawks...a 1 year old named Argo, and a 4 year old female named Nola (on load).  We intend to trap another Red-tail this fall.

What birds have you flown in the past?

Red-tailed hawk.

What was your favorite bird, and why?

I can't say there is a favorite, as they are too few.  The experience of taking a wild bird and hunting with it within a few weeks has been the best part!

What birds do you plan to fly, or would like to fly?

I would like to look into a goshawk and/or a prairie falcon in the future.  I plan to stick with Red-Tails and Harris' for a while though.

What is your favorite quarry?

At home, ducks and cottontails.  After witnessing some of the flights on jacks at the 2017 Winter meet, I am determined to get Nola on as many as I can this year.

Do you have other animals?

Yes, several horses, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a Vizsla, and a Decker terrier.

Favorite falconry story?

The day after the 2016 NAFA meet in Elk City, OK.  Bella (my RT) and I connected on our first kill.  The Murray's, watching from the sidelines, were waiting to hear the story when we returned to the truck.  Daniel and Parker flew their red tail and Gayla flew her Harris, and we called an end to a great weekend.  Goodbyes all around and we packed up...before pulling out, Daniel came back to my truck and handed me his rabbit game pin from the actual meet, and congratulated me.  Good times!!!

Funniest falconry story?

Nothing better than the same trapping story Gayla told on her M.O.M. page

Favorite Quote?

"The journey IS the reward!"

What is the best tip that you would give someone new to the sport?

Stay the line, and don't give up.  Be sure you know what you are getting into...this is the toughest fun you will ever have!  The only way to succeed is....Get Up, Suite Up, and Shut Up!

Who have you sponsored?

No one yet

What goals do you have for your falconry experience?

To be as good as my dogs and birds think I am.  I would like to hawk with as many seasoned falconers as possible.  Watching a well trained animal perform to the best of their ability is fascinating as well as exhilarating!

Contact Info you want public?

Cell: 580-336-7684

Work: 580-336-9970

Social Networks?

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Anything Else?

I'm looking forward to the outings planned for this year.  I hope to see you in the field at one of them!  Have a great 2017/2018 season!


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