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OFA Members Apprentice Workshop-Traps and Trapping!

July 29th, 2017

First and foremost, I would like to thank Chris Kimble for taking the time to share his experience and skills, in order to ensure the safety of the falconers and hawks when trapping a bird of prey for falconry!  Also, I would like to thank everyone who came to the workshop and brought their personal traps to aid in the discussion, to Ron Lloyd for organizing the event and venue, and to the Edmond Fire Department for allowing us the use of their facilities.


Perry White, giving a little personal insight into the current discussion

Chris covered a lot of information to ensure safe trapping.  The beginning portion of the workshop had a focus on trapping red tails, where the latter half was geared toward prairie falcons.  Chris had various traps on hand for use as examples, as well as video and slide presentations to aid in the discussion.  His goal was to teach and/or remind us the proper way to trap our first (or even 100th) falconry bird safely, which he more than effectively accomplished.  Whether using a BC or Phai trap, pigeon harness or noose carpets, he heavily emphasized the importance of safety for both the bird being trapped, and also for the bait animals being used during the adventure.


Super slick sparrow carousel, created by Chris Kimble

It would take a long time to highlight all of the well thought out and delivered topics from the workshop, but a few of them included the different materials used when making BCs, along with ways of making sure you don't have sharp edges on and around them. There were discussions on proper nooses (whether monofilament or steel leaders), different ways of tieing them, and how to camouflage them by using various dying techniques. He discussed tips and tricks for identifying raptors from a long ways off, and went into the importance of selecting the right trap not only for the species of raptor being targeted, but for the time of year as well (since often times the preferred trap will change, depending on whether or not one is doing early or late season trapping).  Presenting the various different types of traps to the raptors was also discussed, along with the modifications one would make to these techniques to increase their effectiveness depending on the type of terrain one is trapping in.


Gayla Salvati intently listening to Chris' presentation.  Phil may have been a little distracted...

This workshop was an incredible learning opportunity for falconers at all experience levels.  Whether they were a first year apprentice or a seasoned falconer, I feel everyone walked away having learned at least something new.  I have no doubt that this new insight will help everyone in their future trapping endeavors, and this workshop was definitely one fantastic way to kick off the 2017/2018 falconry season!  To all of my friends who will be heading out to the dirt roads this season looking for their next big adventure, I wish you the best of luck, remind you to be smart and stay safe, and to have one heck of a great time!

-Jonathan Coleman-

OFA President


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