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Crystal Stacey

How long have you been an OFA member?

Since the 2017 OFA Picnic

Have you ever held a position in OFA?

No, unless you count newest member! :-)

Where do you live?

I live in Luther, OK.  I moved here in 2013 from Pennsylvania.

Job or School?

I do educational birds of prey programs across the country with my fiance.  I also make braided falconry equipment.


My fiance, Ash Cary

What got you interested in falconry?

I met my now fiance in PA during one of his shows in 2011.  I have been hooked ever since.

Who was your sponsor? (or mentors and influences?)

My sponsor is my fiance.  Not something I would recommend to most people! :p

What bird(s) do you currently fly?

This is my first year as a general.  I happened to have the option of an eyass Great Horned Owl, and decided to take it.  I am also hoping to trap a Red Tail in the fall as well.

What birds have you flown in the past?

I have flown two male Red Tails.  The first one was not well when I trapped him, so I never took game with him.  My second was a monster of a male, fly at 1070 to 1100 grams.

What was your favorite bird, and why?

My second Red Tail.  He was trained and flying free in about five days.  I could have taken the creance off by day three, with how hard he hit the lure the first time.  I doubt I will have another bird as willing as he was.  He was gorgeous too!


What birds do you plan to fly, or would like to fly?

I plan to fly several Red Tails over the next several years.  I would love to fly an imprint female Cooper's Hawk someday. 

What is your favorite quarry?

My favorite quarry has to be squirrels.  There is so much going on in a good squirrel chase.  I feel such a rush and sense of accomplishment for my bird when a squirrel is caught.  I usually hunt rabbits though, as I find them more often.

Do you have other animals?

I have a dog, four rats, and a mouse.  Plus all of our education birds.  I also help care for eleven horses.

Funniest falconry story?

My favorite falconry story has to be from the 2016 NAFA meet in Elk City.  I had gone out with several people that morning, and we went to a guy's farm.  We had walked between 1/4 and 1/2 mile to get through the gates in the fence, while beating along the fence to get to a patch of tall grass.  We didn't have much luck, and decided to head back to the trucks.  Instead of taking the long walk back to the gates (which we had done several times at this point between all of the birds), we decided to hop a few fences.  We got over a few barbed wire fences, and came across one last fence before having a straight shot to the cars.  I swung a leg over the top wire and tried to hold it down so the guy with the bird could get over easier.  Little did any of us know, the middle strand of wire was not barbed wire.  It was a hot wire, and boy was it HOT!  I zapped the inside of my knee and just about rocketed off that fence to the other side.  I spent the rest of the meet with friends asking if I wanted to test the fence.  It will be hard to live that one down!

What is the best tip that you would give someone new to the sport?

Don't bother getting into the sport unless you have the passion and drive (and common sense)!

Who have you sponsored?

No one

What goals do you have for your falconry experience?

Hunting, preferably in good company

Contact Info you want public?

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 717-823-2366

Social Networks?

Face Book

Anything else?

I make and sell braided falconry equipment.  You can check it out here!


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