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Mitch Wishon, with a freshly trapped tiercel

Passage Peregrine Take - Regulation Change

I am please to announce that a large step has been taken, which guarantees Oklahoma falconers' ability to head out every single year, in order to trap passage peregrines in the sooner state!  Through diligent cooperation between the Oklahoma Falconers' Association and the ODWC, a regulation change has been in the works that will shore up some loose ends in our system, and bring our regulations more in line with those of the rest of the states in our country.  Going into effect in November of 2017, a wording change to the peregrine portion of our regulations will occur, stipulating that no more than 50% of the peregrine permits allocated to Oklahoma, can be filled by nonresident falconers.  So what does this mean for us?  Well for starters, I want to be very clear that this in no way limits the number of peregrine permits that Oklahoma falconers can fill.  If we are given two permits for example, then we can absolutely fill both of them.  What this does mean, is that if our friends from another state head on over to enjoy some good times trapping here in Oklahoma, unlike in years past, they no longer have the ability to fill all of the permits. From now on, no matter what, an Oklahoma falconer will have the opportunity to go out and attempt to trap a passage peregrine.  Below you will find the red lined version of the new regulations, that were submitted for public comment previously, and should go into effect during the time frame mentioned above.


Over all, it's a pretty straight forward rule change, but believe me when I say that a whole lot of time and effort was involved in making this happen.  I want to give a very big THANK YOU to all of our friends at ODWC who continue to make falconry a priority, and for all of the hard work they do on a daily basis on our behalves.  I also want to thank David Eslicker for all of the time and effort he spent spear heading this change, as well as Rob Rainey and Rob Huber, who took time out of their busy schedules, in order to attended the meeting with ODWC.

All the best,

-The OFA Board-


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