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Ricky Harris

How long have you been an OFA member?

3 years

Have you ever held a position in OFA?


Where do you live?

I grew up in OKC.  I moved to Tuttle in 2007

Job or School?

ATC drivetrain since 1994.  I am a gauge lab coordinator.


Jessica, 2 boys, Riley 20 and Reece 10

What got you interested in falconry?

Becoming a falconer was a dream that goes back to childhood.  If i had to point out one thing it would be the movie Conan the Barbarian.

Who was your sponsor? (or mentors and influences?)

Jerry Beals was my sponsor

What bird(s) do you currently fly?

I fly a big, beautiful Red Tail named Gretchen.  She was my first bird and yes, I still have her.

What birds have you flown in the past?

Red Tail, Kestrel, and Cooper's

What was your favorite bird, and why?

GRETCHEN!  She was my first

What birds do you plan to fly, or would like to fly?

I LOVE THE SPORT OF FALCONRY!  I tried to catch a peregrine last season.  I guess I was too slow.  I'll try again this trapping season.  I would like a chance with a golden eagle one day.  The sky is the limit

What is your favorite quarry?

For now, rabbits

Do you have other animals?

I have 3 dogs, and 2 boys

Favorite falconry story?

Hard to pick just one story.  There are so many!  Everyday with me is an adventure

Favorite quote?

"Pull your head out of your @$$," and "You gotta be kidding me!"

What is the best tip that you would give someone new to the sport?

It's a BIG responsibility to be a falconer

Who have you sponsored?

No one yet

What goals do you have for your falconry experience?

To be a master falconer, and to have a chance to fly every type of bird possible

Contact Info you want public?

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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