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OFA Picnic - 2016

June found the Oklahoma Falconers association converging on the town of Edmond Oklahoma for another great falconry picnic and business meeting.  The weather couldn't have been better, and the turn out was fantastic!  For those that showed up bright and early, the day was kicked off with a presentation by longtime OFA member Rob Summers about drones, drone flying, and their utilization when creating high flying game hawks.  The presentation began with everyone sitting under the canopy intently listening to topics such as what makes a drone good for falconry, pros and cons of different models and types, typical training techniques, break downs of different parachute styles and the benefits of each design, along with a slew of other topics.  Many questions were asked, and in-depth answers and discussion ensued.  After the class room portion of his presentation, the drones were broken out, and some members got to try their hands at flying one for the first time.  It was apparent that everyone really enjoyed the work shop, and a big thanks goes to Rob for being so well prepared.  It was obvious to all that a lot of time and effort had gone into the presentation on his part, and I feel everyone who attended benefitted greatly from all of his hard work and preparation.

After the presentation concluded, it was time for grub, catching up with old friends, and making new ones.  I especially enjoyed seeing some faces that I hadn't seen in quite some time, along with a number of pre-apprentices who made the trip to learn all they could about falconry.  I like to think that my enthusiasm and passion for this sport has remained as strong as it has since the day I started on this journey, but I must admit that the excitement I could feel coming from some of these new friends was truly inspiring, and lit the fires for me anew in some ways.  I have a feeling that, combined the with excellent guidance and mentorship from current OFA members as sponsors, the future of falconry in Oklahoma is looking very bright.

Once everyone had finished stuffing themselves to the brim, it was time to kick back, and getting down to business.  I'm not very good at speaking in front of large groups, but I tripped my way through the business meeting the best I could, and I feel a lot of productive topics and issues were discussed.  Big thanks go out to everyone who volunteered to help out with tasks in the upcoming year.  Whether it was for planning apprentice workshops or our upcoming falconry meets, or for making new OFA gear or planning next year's picnic, it is all greatly appreciated.  OFA is it's members, and it is you all that continually makes sure this club remains great!

Once the business meeting ended and everyone rejoiced (since they no longer had to listen to me speak!), it was time for one of my favorite portions of the picnic.....the raffle!  As usual, our donors showed up strong again this year, and a special thanks goes out to them all.  Links to their sites can be found along the right column of the screen, and I encourage all of you to check them out, spend lots of money, and show them how much we appreciate them supporting our club.  I can't leave out all of the great Okie grown donations either, and I appreciate every member who showed up with items for the raffle as well.  We raised a good deal of money, and most of this years proceeds will go toward making sure the upcoming NAFA meet is one for the record books!

All good things must come to an end, and the 2016 OFA picnic wrapped up following the raffle.  As friends were slipping away though, it was nothing but a sea of smiling  faces, and one could hear conversations about epic hawking adventures being planned for the coming season, and all the good times that are ahead.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up, and I look forward to hitting the field with all of you all this coming season

All the best,
Dan Murray


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