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Jake Sutton


How long have you been an OFA member?

As an apprentice, I have been a member for one and a half years. 


Where do you live?

On a 9 acre hobby farm in Yukon.


Job or School?

I've have been homeschooled my whole life and will be a Senior in the fall.  I work part time in our family manufacturing business and raise cattle with my brothers.



I live with my parents and two younger brothers.  Our grandparents also live here on the farm.


 What got you interested in falconry?

From a very young age, I have loved birds and even have kept a log of all bird species I've seen since the age of 7.  Two years ago, I attended the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo and was introduced to falconry.  I was instantly hooked! 


 Who was your sponsor? (or mentors and influences?)

Mr. Mitch Wishon is my sponsor.  Mr. John Peaden, Mr. Jeff Byrum, Mr. Rob Rainey, and Dr. Ken Riddle have also been a great help to me. 


 What birds do you currently fly? 

A few months ago I released my first bird, an American Kestrel named Viator.  I am currently without a bird but plan on trapping a Red Tail this season.


 What birds have you flown in the past?

Just Viator


What birds do you plan to fly or would like to fly? 

After watching experienced falconers flying many types of raptors, I believe I would enjoy falcons the most.  Specifically I would like to try a Prairie Falcon.


 Favorite Quarry?

Starlings are the only thing my little Kestrel killed so I would have to say Starlings.


 Do you have other animals? 

 I was worried this question would be on here.  Here we go...  We have three Golden Retrievers, five horses, six dairy goats, eighteen chickens, three pigs and one steer (recently wrapped in freezer paper).  Ten more steers will be delivered this week for my brothers and I to raise.  Personally, I own a Quarter Horse named Red.


Funniest falconry story? 

Some of the best times I have had in falconry have been on hunts with Mr. Wishon and Mr. Rainey.  The most memorable one was in a small town looking for Mr. Rainey's goshawk.  He had just gone out the window at a pigeon but missed and flew off.  Parking the car and grabbing the telemetry the search began.  After a few minutes, it was determined that he was perched on the roof of the town bank.  Here we were in camo clothing running around the bank whistling and yelling for the bird.  I was sure this would be the first time I saw the inside of a jail cell.  My only comfort was that Mr. Rainey is an attorney.  Thankfully, we recovered the bird (not on the bank roof) and got out of town fast.


Favorite quote?

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." Earnest Hemingway


 What is the best tip that you would give someone new to the sport?

Be patient. Time is the only thing that will make you and your bird work well as a team.


What goals do you have for your falconry experience?

Falconry is just part of who I am now. I hope to always have the time to invest in this sport. 


Social Networks?

 I have a falconry blog that contains the full story of my apprenticeship.  I started it the day I got Viator.  I have tried to make it a source of information for other apprentices or those who wish to learn more about the sport.


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