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There is evidence that falconry has been found to date back to 2000 B.C. with

records beginning all over the world. Many things have happened to the sport of

falconry through the ages. It has been practiced by many different people: Some

were kings, others noblemen and now, today, by many of you reading this article.

Now, it is only the dedicated, and maybe a little crazy, individuals that pursue the

sport. One of the most important things I saw demonstrated at the picnic was that

without our families and fellow falconers there to support us being there through

the trials and triumphs, we would never make it.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to the annual falconry picnic, you

certainly missed out on a good one! Driving in down the winding hill to our picnic

pavilion in Red Rock Canyon was scenic in what turned out to be a warm, clear

day. We all took part in sharing a great meal followed by our annual meeting and

election of new officers. We ended our picnic with a raffle that was put together by

Greg Stipp. Included in the raffle were many fantastic items such as hoods, traps,

gift certificates, a scale, and quail, among others. This is one of the few chances that

we get to meet as an organization, together, in one place to talk falconry and discuss

the upcoming year. It was great to hear the excitement from those around you as

they talk about their birds and about last season’s experiences. It was very special

for all of us, different minds, and many families, to eat and celebrate another year as

Oklahoma Falconers' Association members!

In the name of the birds,

Kelly Smith


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